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A+ Speedometer Services is equipped to handle all your instrumentation, and speedometer repair needs. We have serviced Metropolitan Fire Department needs, special logistics vehicles mileage monitoring systems, deluxe automotive requirements, example Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, and many additional makes. We service motorhomes, boats, and motorcycles. In addition to mobile units we also repair and service stationary equipment.

Instrumentation Accuracy

It is always important to maintain accurate instrumentation. Many people are unaware just changing a set of tires may change the accuracy of the speedometer enough that it could become hazardous.

Speedometer Calibration

There are many reasons to want to have an accurate speedometer. A properly calibrated speedometer can eliminate unexpected expenses and inconveniences while traveling. Also an accurate speedometer can let you know if your vehicle is operating in a safe range for the current road conditions.

Speedometer Services perform their own speedometer calibration and speedometer repair on the premises. We include tachometer repair as well.


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